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Make sure you caravan is secure when you hit the road this summer

Date: 17/07/2017

With the summer holidays nearly upon us, it’s that time of year to pack up your kitchen sink (well nearly) and head off in the caravan.

We love a good caravan holiday and that’s actually how our company first began.

Back in 1984, Bulldog Security Products was launched when company founder Mr Ray Jordan designed and constructed the first caravan stabiliser to take steps to reduce the risk of their caravan being involved in an accident.


Now more than 30 years on, we’re still proud to manufacture the product from our premises in Much Wenlock.

Caravan theft is a major problem here in the UK and most insurance companies call for wheel clamps and hitchlocks to be fitted. 

We design and manufacture a whole range of products to suit all makes of caravans. 

Many of them carry the Sold Secure seal of approval, meaning that they have been independently tested by locksmiths using attack methods known to be used by thieves.

Our stabilisers will really help keep your caravan in top condition.

When being towed, cross-winds, potholes, speeding vehicles and uneven road surfaces can make towing a caravan or trailer a dangerous experience.

Stabilisers prevent snaking by friction and can be easily DIY fitted ensuring that both driver and passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable journey.

It certainly shouldn’t be used as a solution for a poorly loaded or maintained caravan but as an extra safety feature to provide protection if something goes wrong.

We sell a wide variety of stabilisers to suit your caravan needs but no matter which product you choose, you will know you have done all the safety checks you can when you hit the road. Most of all enjoy your travels knowing you have a Bulldog Product behind you.

For more information on our caravan products, see http://www.bulldogsecure.com/browse/caravan/13

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We've launched our new new personal tracking device

Date: 11/07/2017

Here at Bulldog Security Products we're delighted to release our new personal tracking device in a bid to help protect people with illnesses and lone workers.

It is being seen as an ideal device to monitor vulnerable people and reassure workers who may be out alone in rural or potentially dangerous areas.

We already have a range of tracking devices which are used by firms who have fleet or heavy plant vehicles and other machinery - and we also supply trackers for other vehicles, including cars, vans, HGVs, caravans and motorhomes.

Bulldog tracker_Lucy.png

With more than 30 years experience in protecting people and their property through a range of security products its put us at the forefront of the industry, both at home and abroad.

Bulldog managing director Ian Jordan said while it wasn’t possible to guarantee the safety and well-being of individuals, it was vital to do everything possible to ensure their location was known and a response could be dispatched when the alert sounded.

“Our TR20 personal tracker will be triggered if someone fell on the floor, such as someone living alone at home or maybe someone out and about working in a rural area,” he said.

“The aim is to protect vulnerable people like those with an illness or lone workers. The TR20 gives the person time to get up but if this does not happen it will ring three emergency contact numbers to raise the alarm. It also has an SOS button for the user to press if they need help.

“We, at Bulldog Security Products, hope to work with care home owners and those living in sheltered accommodation to ensure they have the added protection of this device.

“These people are among the most vulnerable in our society - possibly elderly or with some illness - and we need to know they are safe and a response can be made quickly if they fall or are in some other difficulty.”

The device was used earlier this month by James Tomlinson who trekked across the Brecon Beacons carrying 35lb on his back to raise funds for charity.

Mr Tomlinson from Shrewsbury said: “The personal tracking device supplied by Bulldog was perfect as my wife and children could not only track my progress but at times when I was very much isolated in the blistering heat I knew someone would know if I fell ill.

“It really made me realise how vulnerable I was but also how vital they could be to someone living or working alone.”

Mr Jordan said due to the rural location of Shropshire, there were hundreds of workers who worked alone for hours at a time including farmers.

“Rural and isolated workers can also find themselves at the mercy of circumstances and this tracker is the ideal piece of kit to reassure them they are not alone and help is at hand should they need it.

“The tracker would also be a good thing for anyone travelling long distance on their own, children and even pets,” Mr Jordan said.

“It’s cost-effective and the GPS location can be monitored on your mobile phone or through the Bulldog Tracking Portal online. It is light and compact, can be worn on a lanyard around the neck, on a belt, in clothing or a bag. It can also be fitted to a pet collar or harness.

“The battery lasts for up to 160 hours, it’s waterproof and free to track online. But most of all it’s help when it’s most needed and a vital item to carry around with you in a bid to limit the time in getting help if you fall or get into difficulty.”

For more information on the TR20 tracking device, visit http://bulldogtracking.co.uk

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Lock up your skip so the thieves stay away

Date: 03/07/2017

To steal or not to steel?

You might think that stealing a skip would be the last thing a criminal would want to do but the skip itself or even better full of steel is a goldmine for some thieves.

Thieves are targeting hardworking business owners on a weekly basis - usually overnight - and taking away the skip from the site.


Business premises can often be isolated and an easy target for thieves - the business owner has locked the industrial unit, locked vehicles but has left the skip as a sitting target!

Don’t worry we have the answer!

At Bulldog Security Products based in Much Wenlock, Shropshire, we have two different skip locks.

The RORO skip lock is for use with ‘roll-on, roll-off’ skips. Simply lock in place over the lifting point to immobilise the skip and we have sizes to fit all.

Why not watch our product video here?

We also sell locks for general skips with lifting lugs. Simply lock in place over the lifting lugs to immobilise.

A wheelie bin lock is also a valuable lock for both business and residential use as it can be used to secure the bin against a wall to stop anyone stealing it or using it as a prop to gain access to a home or premises.

It is simple to use and fit and could save a lot of time and inconvenience in the long run.

For more information on skip locks head to Bulldog Security Products

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How can I keep my garage secure?

Date: 28/06/2017

Garages are seen by many thieves as an easy target - less secure than the house next to it and jam-packed with goodies just waiting to be lifted.

Many of us keep so much more in the garage than the car and coming home to find you have been targeted by thieves is an absolute nightmare

While we spend whatever it takes to keep the house secure, we can be a little more cavalier with our approach to the garage. But it is vitally important to be just as vigilant in this area.

Just tot-up the value of the items in the garage and you’ll be amazed at what it comes to. You might keep the car in there, bikes, camping gear, gardening equipment and tools - stuff that could be used to help break into your house. The other major consideration with many garages is they often offer access directly to your home.

garage secure.jpg

All good reasons, then, to give your garage security the once-over and then take steps to ensure you remain secure.

At Bulldog Security Products we have more than 30 years experience in coming up with ideas to keep the thieves out and we have several key products that will make the criminal think twice about targeting your garage.

We have options for securing both normal garage and roller shutter doors - each designed to make access for the intended thief so difficult they will give up and move on.

Our Bulldog Budget Garage Door Lock is equally effective on both types of door and comes with a high security locking bar. It is a simple but most effective deterrent and is easy to fit.

Or you could consider our surface mounted door lock. It provides a high-visibility warning to the thief and is another simple way to secure your garage and possible access to your home. It is quick and simple to fit and has the added incentive of not needing holes being drilled in the door.

Our Heavy Duty Garage and Roller Shutter Door Locks some in two varieties, both of them use the high security locking bar which when locked secures the door to the ground, and can be fitted either inside or outside.

The GD400 is generally suited to domestic garage doors of all types, whilst the GR500 is more suited to industrial roller shutter doors that feature a rubber sealing strip at the base of the door.

There is a video on our website showing the GD400 and GR500 in use.

All these products come with our five-year guarantee and our friendly staff are always ready and willing to offer advice on the best product for your needs.

You can find more information on our garage locks here.

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Van door locks essential for tradesmen

Date: 21/06/2017

For tradesmen, the van is the key to their work. Plumbers, builders, roofers all work out of their van.

Recently at Bulldog Security Products we have seen a boom in the number of van door locks being sold across the country - sadly that usually means there has been a spike in break-ins and the owners take action after they have been hit once, twice or more in some cases!


Having your van broken into can be a real pain - days off work as you source new tools and deal with insurance claims.

If you get your van security right in the first place, then your vehicle and its contents won't be at so much risk.

Obviously the best advice is not to leave valuable items in your van. But while this is easily achievable overnight, it's much harder to do when you're on the road all day.

A van door lock is a great solution to deter criminals. At Bulldog Security Products, we sell a number of van door locks. They are highly visible to deter would-be criminals.

They are simple to fit and can be locked without the use of a key. Why not watch our video to see just how easy they are to fit.

Having a van door lock is an easy and quick solution, which provides added protection for your business. Don't take the risk by not securing your van!

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