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Did you know?

Date: 10/01/2018

We have been in business for over three decades - but here are a few facts you may not know about us. 

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Bulldog on the road for Camper Mart

Date: 04/01/2018

Bulldog Security Products will be hitting the road this month to help the VW fans of the world keep their precious campers and vans safe from thieves.

Our team will be making the short journey from our Much Wenlock base to take part in Camper Mart at Telford International Centre on Sunday, January 14. We will be on hand to offer vehicle security advice to what is expected to be a packed house.

A VW extravaganza right on our doorstep here in Shropshire with the best VW converters, retailers and traders and of course as many VW enthusiasts as we can fit in - we would be mad not to be there.

VW camper.jpg

We think you would be mad not to be there too! 

The event gives enthusiasts and the more casual interest observers the opportunity to meet up and discuss all things VW camper related. Bulldog Security Products will be one of more than 70 traders who have already signed up for the day covering just about everything you ever wanted to know or buy connected to camper vans.

We will be raising awareness of our tracker systems during the day and how, at a fraction of the cost of your precious camper, you can take steps to ensure an increased likelihood of getting yours back if it is stolen.

We’ve all seen the social media appeals going viral when a gorgeous VW camper goes missing - wouldn't it be better if you could track it and be hot on their heels.

Even better let Bulldog help you with the industry leading security products so the thieves know they won't get away with it.

Did you know that only 3% of stolen caravans and motorhomes not fitted with a tracker are ever returned to their owner?

We know your VW is precious so make sure you have the best of the best with Bulldog.

The trackers we supply here at Bulldog Security Products, the BD1 and the TR36, allow your VW camper to be monitored in real time, allowing the police to know exactly where it is and to recover it quickly.

It is a simple cost-effective deterrent which can be fitted easily. Both also have an option to immobilise the vehicle to prevent theft in the first place.

Camper Mart runs from 9am to 4pm on January 14, there is family entertainment, workshops and talks planned for the day. Admission is £12 adults (£10 if you buy your tickets now) and children go free with a paying adult.

It promises to be a great day out and one that could save you some money, worry and loss in the long-term if you visit the Bulldog trade stand. We’ll see you there!

For more information about our security products phone our team on (01952) 728171. Learn more about Camper Mart here. 

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Staff profile - Carole Toon

Date: 19/12/2017

carole.pngThe smooth running of a company is essential to its success with all staff playing an integral role in keeping those well-oiled wheels turning.

Every job is vital to achieve this at Bulldog Security Products and we pride ourselves on having the best people possible filling the varied roles which make the day-to-day operation of the company run so well.

From initial contact to satisfied customer we have a team who are used to getting it right and we believe it is no coincidence that the long service and experience of most of our employees is so important in ensuring this success story continues.

We are introducing our staff to you in a series of blogs and hope you are enjoying getting to know our friendly team by putting a face to the name.

Today we would like to profile Carole Toon, another of our valued team who has become part of the Bulldog family. 

You may well have spoken to Carole if you have phoned us or had a reply to your email or website enquiry.

Carole has found a home with us and has a wealth of experience gained over many years working here at Bulldog

“I worked at various companies in Manchester doing general office work before joining Bulldog 22 years ago,” said Carole.

“I moved to Shropshire to be closer to my family and I now work as a sales and administration assistant.

“My job involves entering sales orders, processing delivery notes, creating invoices and answering telephone sales enquiries. I also do many general office duties as and when required.

“Speaking to and dealing with customers is a very important role and I can very often be the first point of contact. I believe those first steps are pivotal in a successful relationship with the customer.

“When I started at Bulldog I was very much involved in general office work, answering the phone, typing letters and anything else that needed doing - we all pitch in and help when something needs doing even if it doesn’t specifically relate to your job.

“With the advent of IT the company has developed and is now very involved with internet sales and website building - I am working in this area now as well and find it interesting and exciting.

“On a personal basis, I am 56 and live in Bridgnorth with my husband Michael. I am really happy to be involved in a large family group, I have a son and a daughter, a daughter-in-law, son-in-law, two sisters, five nieces, three great nephews - there is another on the way - and three great nieces. With two lovely grandsons and a granddaughter that completes our family.

“Family life is very important to me and I also really enjoy my work at Bulldog. The company has come such a long way over the years and the possibilities for the future appear endless.”

You can read about other Bulldog members including Chris Speke, Lucy Bates and Simone Byrne 

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6 important security tips for Christmas

Date: 19/12/2017

This Christmas don't let opportunistic thieves get the upper hand - check out these 6 important security tips for Christmas.

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Would you use a personal tracker on your child?

Date: 06/12/2017

As parents, we proudly watch our children grow up - but with that comes giving them more freedom. 

They want to play at the park on their own, walk to school alone and visit the local shop with their pocket money.

But for parents losing track of a child is a horrifying prospect. 

children playing.jpg

You tell them to be home at 4.30pm but they’re not. Then they’re not in the park where they said they’d be. They won’t answer their phone. What do you do?

The emergence of GPS devices, which can help track a youngster’s whereabouts can really help ease a parent’s worries. It provides an additional security aid for parents and peace of mind to finally enjoy a cup of tea in quiet.

Obviously the GPS itself will not keep a child safe  ...nothing can prevent a fall in the park or worse but it will allow you to find them quickly.

Our Bulldog Personal GPS TR20 tracker is an ideal cost effective way to monitor the movements of children - especially those being given their first taste of freedom.

The tracker is discrete, waterproof and weighs only 65 grams.

It can be worn around the neck, popped in a bag, clipped to a belt or easily concealed inside clothing.

With an inbuilt SOS call button, help is never far away and raising an alarm if urgent help is needed is as simple as a push of a button.

There is no legal age limit for a child going out alone but NSPCC guidelines suggest thinking about where your child wants to go, what they want to do, who they will be with and how far they would have to travel. 

Using a tracker certainly shouldn’t lower the age a child is allowed to play out but should just offer additional security.

You may have read about the launch of this product for people with illnesses such as dementia or lone workers. It doesn’t matter what age someone is - they are all as precious as each other.

Children need to be taught about road safety and what to do when approached by a stranger and parents need to set boundaries about how far they can go and for how long.

While some social media uses a map feature, such as Snapchat, it certainly doesn’t offer the same peace of mind as a GPS tracker. 

Snapchat recently created a new GPS-based feature allowing users to share media based on their location.

But children must be warned about the dangers of constantly broadcasting to the world about where they are in real time.

Using a Bulldog Personal GPS tracker is private and will only tell you the whereabouts of your child. 

All our trackers come with a pre-installed GPS and SIM card as well as back up battery. 

You can also create alarms for movement outside a predefined boundary - which might stop the temptation just to pop to ‘so and so’s’ house from the park and instead head for home.

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Staff spotlight - Chris Speke

Date: 22/11/2017

Keeping one step ahead of the criminal is imperative when supplying security products to a global market, with innovation and reliability being key factors in the never-ending battle to achieve this goal.

Here at Bulldog Security Products we have a wealth of experience in producing the right item for the right set of circumstances by using the highest quality materials to keep the property of our customers safe.

Our engineering manager Chris Speke has been with us 18 years and typifies the company’s commitment to excellence. A married man with two sons, Chris has spent all his working life in Shropshire - going from helping to build Formula Three racing cars to ensuring the security products we supply remain at the cutting edge of our industry.

chris speake.png

Chris said: “I’ve been at Bulldog a long time now but I was one of the last in, which goes to show the strength of the company and the high level of experience we have available for our clients to draw on.

“I started out helping to build Formula Three racing cars on Stanmore just outside Bridgnorth and then moved on to another company involved in the manufacture of vehicle shells and van conversions at its base in Telford. I was there 14 years and left as engineering manager. My job at Bulldog is much more varied and there is a wider range of things to get involved with.

“My job here is not so much about overseeing projects, I’m involved in the technical issues, producing drawings and designs and programming the machines we work with. As a small company everyone gets involved in whatever needs doing - there are no suit and tie jobs here, you tend to get involved in everything.

“We pride ourselves on quality and use the best materials available to make security products that will be both effective and a market leader as a British manufacturer.

“A lot of our competition comes from the Far East and the quality of products rarely reaches the standard demanded by our clients. I think this is a main reason why we have been so successful over the years.

“I am heavily involved with testing and trying to keep on top of the evolution of security products, responding to customer demands and working with dealers to improve and develop items.

“At the end-of-the-day a lock will always be a lock but we are always trying to think of what we can do to make it easier for the client to use and harder for the thief to crack. It’s all about staying one step ahead of the criminal.

“I believe a significant development at Bulldog has seen us bringing the manufacture of what we produce in-house. We used to use a local company for making certain things but decided to invest in our laser cutting machine and press brake, this has now given us a greater flexibility in both the design and production of our products.

“Bulldog has expanded our market significantly in recent years as we have secured contracts in a growing number of countries. There is a question mark over post-Brexit at the moment but I am sure we will continue to see an expansion into other markets around the world on a larger scale.”

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Ten tips to prepare your caravan for winter

Date: 17/11/2017

If you haven't already you're probably thinking about putting your caravan into storage. Check out these ten tips to prepare your caravan for winter.

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State of the art laser cutting equipment at Bulldog

Date: 10/11/2017

Did you know we have state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment here at Bulldog Security Products

Yes, only the very best for us and our customers. We take great pride in keeping abreast of the technological revolution - even though that can be really difficult at times because it all moves so fast!

During our 30 years in operation here at Bulldog we have striven to keep ahead of the field in the quality of products we provide with the goal of bringing increased security to our clients.

This involves operating with the very best materials and equipment as we endeavour to maintain our place at the top of the industry.

laser cutting.png

With the help of Accurate Laser Cutting we have installed the most powerful fibre laser in the UK. Their machine has incredible processing speeds and capabilities and enables us to turn out products quickly and efficiently.

The laser has the capability to cut mild steel parts up to 10mm thick and its level of precision is far more efficient, a major upgrade on what came before. Its technology is truly amazing and seeing it in operation is something to behold.

Having this laser cutting facility is essential to our business of manufacturing our own extensive range of security products.

Using the latest cad/cam software we are able to design and manufacture security products for a wide range of applications. And this can only be good for our customers.

Not only does this laser produce extremely accurate components in steel from 1mm to 10mm in thickness, it gives us the flexibility to produce different batch sizes from one-offs for special applications, to hundreds of components for our standard range of products.

Having this flexibility also allows us to manage our stock levels to ensure that we are able to offer next-day delivery on the majority of our product range - this laser really is keeping Bulldog Security Products at the cutting-edge of the industry!

For more information about Accurate Laser Cutting, visit www.accurate-laser.co.uk

For advice or more information on Bulldog Security Products, telephone our team on 01952 728171.

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Great customer feedback

Date: 24/10/2017

Our customers feedback is vital to our business and we always strive to ensure our customers are happy and enjoy first class customer service. We often forget to share the great things they say about us so here’s a few we’ve had this week about our GPS trackers.


“All of a sudden lost our current supplier of our tracker for the motorhome, they went into liquidation.

“We got a new tracker from Bulldog, this is fitted to our motorhome, and is very reliable, and most certainly doesn't let us down.

“The backup from Bulldog has be fantastic, which makes them very easy to deal with.

“I will most certainly being stay with them, as the service is excellent.” Terry.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 15.26.34.png

“I think your product is great plenty of information and at a great price.” Steve Billingham.


"A house move earlier this year meant our motorhome had to go into storage. 

“We wanted a reliable tracker for insurance and for peace of mind and one which wasn't going to cost the earth. 

“After looking at various suppliers we chose the Bulldog TR25. It's easy to fit, comes with full instructions and is easy to set up. 

“When I first fitted it I had some connectivity problems as I'd positioned the unit too low down under the fixed bed and had a poor signal. 

Bulldog helpline were excellent in helping resolve the problem and it works really well. 

“The web based monitoring system and the app on our smartphones show us in real time where our motorhome is 24hrs a day with pinpoint accuracy. 

“Have set it up to alert my mobile and my wife's if our motorhome is stolen. Have used it in the UK, France and Spain and it works perfectly and our kids can even keep tabs on where mum and dad are when we're on holiday!" Peter and Heather Gill (Poole, Dorset) 


“Purchase and installation was straightforward and accompanied by patient tuition and support.  

“After sales service has been second to none. So pleased we installed this system; when our numberplate was cloned we were able to prove our vehicle’s whereabouts using the tracking printout.” Susan. E

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Our home is our castle and we all want to protect it as much as we can

Date: 23/10/2017

This month at Bulldog Security Products, we are taking part in National Home Security Month to look at the best ways to make our homes as secure as possible.

National Home Security Month (NHSM) has been designed to create awareness around the importance of home security.

According to the NHSM website, 60 percent of burglaries take place between 6pm and 6am, which means you could even be asleep at home during the incident - a horrifying thought.


The average burglar will only spend eight to 12 minutes inside your home but that is enough time to take valuable items - and leave you feeling vulnerable and violated.

Despite the risks, 25 percent of Britains admit to having no security at all and 16 percent of people don’t even lock their doors or windows when they leave the house.

With Halloween and Bonfire night on the horizon, it’s extra important to be vigilant.

According to NHSM, those two nights are statistically the worst days for burglaries. Burglaries on Bonfire night are 21 percent higher than average and malicious damage increases by 160 percent on Halloween. Burglaries also increase as dark nights draw in and the clocks go back.

That’s why it’s important to secure your home now. Don’t take any chances.

At Bulldog Security Products, we have a wide range of products to secure your home. 

Our selection of security lighting goes a long way to protect your home. 

Why not try our Ultra Bright Spotlight, which is perfect for lighting driveways, gardens and paths? It’s easy to install with no wiring needed.

Our portable security case is perfect for securing valuable items such as video cameras, mobile phones, tools, equipment, and documents. 

It can be used in vehicles, offices or at home by simply wrapping the supplied cable lock to a fixed object.

We also recommend a garage door lock, as this is an easy point of entry for burglars. We have a variety in stock, including for roller doors. 

Taking steps to secure your home as much as you can just make sense. 

Don’t leave anything to chance. Remember burglars are opportunists and they are looking for open windows and poor quality locks. Don’t make it easy for them - secure your castle now.

For more information about National Home Security Month, see http://www.homesecuritymonth.com/advice/

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